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altuntop company is one of the leading companies in manufacture of bakery and pastry equipment in turkey. Our experience goes back to 1991 in turkey. the purpose has always been pursuing world wild food industries technology. In addition to presenting the customers across the global with high quality products. The company has remarkably succeeded in manufacturing high quality products in accordance with International Standards enabling the company to export to more than 90 countries. all this attributed first to vast area the company occupies which estimated to 22.000 m2 and its human cadres about 300 people allowing for mass production capacities of different bakery equipment. Second comes the longterm experience of our stuff represented in consultants, engineers, technicians and workers whose efforts has led to company success. Our policy was and always will be about innovation constant development of equipment and becoming the first choice for the buyers of bakery and Pastry equipment worldwide.
Dear all We are Alfa Co., Bread line's manufacturer located in Turkey As we would like to establish a fruitful business relationship with your organization we would like to inform you that we are in full readiness to work with you on installing new production lines specially in Syria as we have our team of experts already there and ready to install in any area in the world.
In the early 1980s, most of the machinery and equipments used in the food industry were imported to Turkey. As a result, the first Alptekin generation took a decision to be the first to produce these machines and equipments in-house for their use and the local area, in around Malatya, Turkey. Since its first entrepreneurial step, our company has been constantly manufacturing and trading for over 30 years. In the 1990s, the importance of service sector over industrialization became apparent. For a better service, we expanded our manufacturing line and strengthened our R&D and service network. Considering the increasing customer demand and strategic trade, in the 2000s a new factory became operational in Istanbul and two new offices are opened in Romania and Moldova. With these developments, our company has been able to provide a better and faster service not only in Turkey but also to the customers outside Turkey. Alptekin Group produces a wide range of products. Our manufacturing line is equipped with the CNC technology to produce in high volumes while ensuring high quality products. Together with our highly experienced technical staff, our goal is to continue working to provide next-generation technologies and serve future generations. The second Alptekin generation is committed to follow the trade strategies of the first generations: expanding the operations slowly but confidently in a number of geographic locations, apply the latest technologies in the market of food processing machines and continue in forming a modern corporate structure and innovative emphasis on trade.
Our company Porlanmaz Bakery Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers of bakery machineries in Turkey. Our company is formed by experienced specialists, who consider the current technology, quality and the pocket of the baker as top priority to serve the different markets all over the world! We are supplying our equipment to more than 90 countries in different parts of the World. Our company policy on innovation for more effective equipment and savings in operational costs have helped us to be one of the most reputable companies in the market. Hoping to be together in mutual and long-term businesses, we most welcome all of your requests and questions.